AA Opto Electronic

AA is a world leader in the manufacturing of quality Acousto-optic and radio frequency devices. Close collaboration with universities and research institutes, provided invaluable knowledge and experience in the design and manufacturing processes of Acousto-optic devices and radiofrequency sources.



Admesy offers a broad range of test and measurement instruments focused on colour and light measurements in all environments ranging from the R&D lab to the production floor. All measurement devices by Admesys are developed for industrial use which combines high speed accurate measurements with a robust device that have low maintenance requirements.



ITS leads the world in the application of tomography based process instrumentation; allowing customers to see inside their chosen process by providing detailed measurements and real-time visualization.

Their robust industrial solutions and research packages offer greater process control and real-time visualization into your chosen field of research and process. ITS offer packages to monitor mixing, multiphase flow, Interface detection and density measurements.



Kimmon Koha

KIMMON KOHA, the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of Helium Cadmium lasers, currently offers 18 models of IK Series 325nm laser, 10 models of IK Series 442nm laser, and 10 models of IK Series Dual Wavelength laser. Over 40 years of HeCd laser manufacturing experience allows KIMMON KOHA to provide HeCd lasers with the highest average lifetime, polarized output power and reliability.

This superior performance over the past 4 decades along with the best warranty available has resulted in KIMMON KOHA having the largest worldwide installed base of HeCd lasers.



LASOS develops and manufactures solid state and gas lasers in the UV-visible spectrum with special focus on OEM appplications in Biophotonics, RAMAN-Spectroscopy and Holography. Within the superb geographic footing in Jena, LASOS is well placed to channel the latest in scientific and technological process into cutting edge products and services.


Litron Lasers

Litron Lasers is a UK based manufacturer who specialise in producing pulsed YAG lasers, PIV YAG lasers, DPSS YAG and YLF lasers, CW YAG lasers, Nd:YAG lasers and true TEM00 lasers designed for scientific and industrial applications.

Their lasers are designed to offer true 24 hour operation in the most demanding of industrial applications. Range of pulsed YAG lasers available is extremely extensive ranging from small compact Q-switched systems to high energy, high repetition rate lasers and true TEM00 lasers.



As a worldwide market-leading original equipment manufacturer, Märzhäuser develops and manufactures manual and motor driven micro-positioning systems as well as controllers and equipment for microscopy appliances.

All Märzhäuser scanning stages, which are operated in a system with the TANGO controller, now come with a 5-year guarantee!


Noblegen Cryogenics

‘Noblegen Cryogenics’ RANGE OF ON-SITE LIQUID NITROGEN GENERATORS. The fastest growing liquid nitrogen generator company with the ‘coolest’ plug and produce LN2 solutions.

An oil-fee air compressor, internal PSA nitrogen generator combined with a cryo-cooler, helium compressor and internal dewar all controlled through a colour graphic HMI touch-screen and in-house designed control software gives a fully automated system at the touch of a button.

Ocean insight products

Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics – the leader in photonics technology, the inventor of the world’s first miniature SPECTROMETER. Solutions for diverse applications of optical sensing in medical and biological research, environmental regulation, authentication & anti-counterfeit, law enforcement, science education, production and process control.

Modular spectrometers and sensors are ideal for Educational, Research and Labpratory use, as well as integration into OEM instruments or process lines.

micro-system e

Optotherm Thermal Imaging

Optotherm performs design engineering, software development and manufacturing of radiometric infrared cameras and thermal imaging microscopes. Their cameras are designed, produced and calibrated to assure the highest measurement accuracy and precision.

Developed around uncooled, long-wavelength infrared detector technology, their cameras and microscopes offer a cost-effective alternative to mid-wavelength cameras.



Piezosystem jena have extensive knowledge and in-depth technical expertise in the application of piezo technology to nano positioning tasks, in the design of piezo flexure stages and development of piezomechanical systems.

They offers piezo micro positioning, piezo based nano positioning and metrology solutions which offers XY or 3D motion with nearly unlimited resolution to the semiconductor, microscopy and synchrotron community.



Prtronic was founded in 2015, which has R&D and manufacturing capabilities of the entire flexible printed electronics industry chain and is deeply engaged in the field of printed electronics.

The MP1100 Micro-electronics printer combines three printing technologies, Inkjet printing, Needle dispensing for direct writing and Slit Coating for layering. Coupled with the supplied software, it allows users to quickly create and print out working micro-electronics on a wide range of substrates.



QiOVA has been pioneering the development of dynamic laser beam shaping. QiOVA introduced to the market the first industrial laser beam shaping head in 2014, named VULQ1, which is based on its patented multi-dot technology.

VULQ1 enables high value-added solutions with minimal change to existing environment. One such usage, stamp marking, allows to print 2D identification codes on the-fly at rate up to 1000 products per second!



Simple Laser measurement Instrument, SLMI, is dedicated to measure the laser parameters, including beam profile, beam diameter and laser power concurrently. It is an excellent tool for both laser research and laser manufacturing.

For beam profile measurement, it covers the wavelength of 190-1150nm and can measure the beam diameter of 10um-4mm with resolution of 0.1um.
For laser power measurement, it covers the wavelength of 400-1100nm and can measure the power of 1uW-800mW with active aperture of 10X10mm.



SYMETRIE is specialized in hexapods. A hexapod is a parallel kinematics mechanical system used to position or move an object in space with 6 degrees of freedom with high accuracy, resolution and stiffness.

SYMETRIE has a 13-year experience in providing ready-to-use hexapods with ergonomic control software. SYMETRIE’s realizations can be adapted to industrialists, laboratories and R&D departments of the following fields: defense, optics, space, universities, research centers and synchrotrons.

Transcient IV

Transient Signal Technologies Inc

Transient Singal Technologies designs and manufactures IV measurement systems, Hall Effect Measurement Systems, Seebeck Effect Measurement Systems and also provides variable temperature solutions.



Zaber Technologies designs and manufactures precision positioning products that are affordable, integrated, and easy to use. Products and capabilities include linear actuators, linear stages, vertical stages, rotary stages, XY or XYZ multi-axis systems, vacuum compatible devices, and controllers and stepper motors. All devices use Zaber’s free open-source software, and all standard products are covered by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 1-year warranty.